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14 Jun: How to Maintain a Learned Language During a Hiatus!

If you devoted time to learning a language this year, now is the time to consider how you’ll keep that information fresh in your mind. There is a common saying about languages: “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” It’s also like starting an exercise program and then just stopping overnight. You must maintain your exercise regime even if you stop going to classes!

woman's day

08 Mar: International Woman’s Day 2022

International Women’s Day, on March 8, provides an opportunity to reflect on the struggle for greater gender equality. Although the origins of this annual event date back over a century, its focus on women’s respect and opportunities remains overwhelmingly relevant today—from sexual harassment and violence to imbalanced laws and workplace unfairness, where women are far too frequently underemployed, underpaid, and underpromoted, still in 2022.


23 Feb: Can apps replace language training? Here are 6 Valid Points!

Apps are incredible tools with a great mission: to bring education to everyone. However, after spending so much time studying with them, shouldn’t you be seeing improved results? Be honest with yourself. Can you be content simply by learning new words, grasping a few grammatical principles, and even greeting someone in your target language?


22 Dec: Creating a self-learning language plan that works!

The reasons for learning a foreign language are different but all valid: whether it is for personal, professional, study or touristic reasons, speaking a foreign language helps to develop our mind, enrich our vision of life and broaden our horizons. “To learn a language is to have another window to look at the world” Chinese proverb.