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06 Apr: Language Learning as a Career Booster

Today, anyone interested in pursuing a career does not require professional expertise. Soft skills such as general communication abilities, networking, cultural awareness, and presentation abilities have become increasingly important in recent years. Additionally, there are core competencies such as digital competencies. In today’s globalized economy, a willingness to pursue an international career is also desirable, and companies encourage participation in appropriate additional training programs such as company language courses.

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08 Mar: International Woman’s Day 2022

International Women’s Day, on March 8, provides an opportunity to reflect on the struggle for greater gender equality. Although the origins of this annual event date back over a century, its focus on women’s respect and opportunities remains overwhelmingly relevant today—from sexual harassment and violence to imbalanced laws and workplace unfairness, where women are far too frequently underemployed, underpaid, and underpromoted, still in 2022.

09 Sep: Benefits of Using an LMS for Language Training?

Language studies have become more in demand than ever in higher education as the globe becomes increasingly interconnected and globalized. During their lives and professions, more employees are exposed to cultural and linguistic variety. Language classes are an ideal environment for them to improve their communication abilities in multiple languages and their intercultural awareness.

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26 May: Best Ways to Use Technology to Learn a Language

With the rise of technology, there are so many ways to learn a language. Do not get us wrong language learning classes with a teacher are still the best way to learn in our opinion, but there are many ways to use technology to supplement your language learning goals.