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Language At a Distance (LAD) Our Signature Programs

As the demand grows for language classes, so does ELAM. Since 1994 we have provided companies with innovative and fruitful language programs.

With our in-depth knowledge of the business world and intuitive insight into customer needs, supported by state-of-the-art digital teaching tools, ELAM enables companies in any industry to engage with their clients and stakeholders confidently.

Our customized training, a network of certified teachers, and ability to offer our services worldwide through virtual courses have benefited many companies in developing their employees’ language skills.

That being said, choosing the right virtual program can be tricky as ELAM offers many different programs to fit the needs of our students! Let’s dive deeper into one of our most popular programs, the LAD program, and it’s sub-programs!

What is LAD, LAD Intense, and LAD Express?

LAD is our flagship program that is offered twice a week for one class hour. This 10-week session is offered virtually via Zoom or Teams. The objectives of this training and the desired schedule are established during the placement test and the needs analysis. These language courses can focus on conversation, business writing, industry-specific vocabulary, and precise needs such as negotiations, legal language, medical terminology, human resources, etc. LAD is here to support your employees in their chosen learned language’s theory and practical development. Equipped with experienced teachers, an interactive whiteboard, personalized tasks, and the latest technology, your employees will improve their spoken and written word, all within an enriching and relaxed environment.

“The platform is user-friendly, and my teacher is really dynamic. Everything is perfect! Thank you”

Philippe Pomerleau

“I really appreciated Tammy as a teacher. She left a lot of room for conversation during the session so that we could feel more and more comfortable expressing ourselves. She corrected us as we went along and explained the reasons for our mistakes in a very fluent way.I was able to understand certain concepts that I had not understood before thanks to her. I would love to continue my LAD training at the next session.”

 Catherine Cliché

LAD Intense

LAD Intense is a fast-track virtual language learning program and is ideal for people who need to improve their language skills quickly. Your employees will be able to focus on the primary four skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing, as well as pronunciation, grammar, and specific vocabulary related to their job or industry. This program is offered four times a week for one hour each class. We use practical learning tools such as an interactive whiteboard, screen sharing, website integration, and recorded lessons. With the latest industry technology, learning is practiced in a relaxed atmosphere with qualified and experienced ELAM language trainers.

“Very good training, with a very useful material. Well prepared, good sessions, I really enjoyed them.”

Gabriella Ercsenyi


LAD Express

LAD Express is a bite-size language learning program for people who need to improve particular language skills. It is ideal for employees who need to focus on a specific skill, such as practicing a presentation, preparing for an interview, writing reports, or learning specific vocabulary for their job. This program is offered once or twice a week for one class hour. This 10-week session is offered virtually via Zoom, or Teams.

“Soltani was the best language trainer I’ve ever had. She really helped me understand what to expect with my oral test and gave me strategies to succeed. Simply the best!”

Tyler Zettle





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