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Business Language Assessment Service

A Must-Have Step in Your Recruitment Process

Your Success Depends on Your Employees

From the level required for a position to your prospective candidates

Do you want to validate the language level required for a specific position? Your hiring process is complete; however, you wonder if your candidates have the necessary language skills for the job. Globalization has led to a metamorphosis in the labour market so that language skills can no longer be ignored.

ELAM accompanies you in an assessment and audit analysis of your potential candidates. Our spoken and written tests ECBE (Evaluation of Competencies in Business English) and ECFA (Evaluation of Competencies in Business French) will provide you with accurate information about their language level.

Language Skills Assessment

Simplify Your Recruitment Process


How it works:

A 15-minute comprehension skills test
A 30 to 60-minute AI-proof reading and writing skills test
A report available within 3 hours (EXPRESS) or 24 to 48 hours
A user-friendly online booking tool

Times Change and So Do Job Requirements


Who is it for:

To establish French and English written and spoken requirements for a position.
To determine recruitment needs required for the development of language standards.
To update an outdated job description.
To re-evaluate a unionized position that requires an impartial, third-party firm to set the language standards.

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