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LAD Express

Languages at a Distance - Express

Objective-Based Learning


LAD Express is an objective-based learning course developed for individuals who need to improve specific language skills. This program is designed for a targeted need for presentations, interviews, grammar, or writing proficiencies.

LAD Express is offered on our online platform. We use efficient learning tools such as an interactive whiteboard, screen sharing, website integration, and recorded lessons. With state-of-the-art industry technology, learning is exercised in a relaxed environment with qualified and experienced ELAM language experts.

Ideal for private or semi-private lessons

5-10 weeks (10 hours)

Sessions of 1 or 2 hours per week

Flexible schedule

Online training only

LAD Express in 6 Steps


ELAM will send an initial email to your employees to finalize their registration.


In order to form groups, the students are required to take a placement test.

We guarantee the protection of our clients’ personal data by complying with the GDPR.
A personalized course plan is adapted to specific needs.

An email reminder is sent to the students one week before the start of the session.


All course materials are delivered to the on-site teachers or students in registered for distance learning courses.

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ELAM: The Language Solution


Nearly three decades of surpassing language barriers


Whether it is with customers, suppliers, or other stakeholders, companies must communicate. ELAM supports businesses of all sizes to engage with confidence in their daily exchanges.


ELAM's classes have become a most appreciated ritual each week.

Teachers know what the needs are and the way to adapt the courses to the business world.


Our success can be summed up in three key points: deep knowledge of the business world, understanding of our client’s needs, and the use of state-of-the-art tools to deliver our services. This is how we enable workers in any professional field to develop their full potential in the language of their choice.

Through personalized courses and our ability to deploy our programs virtually around the world, our trainers have helped broaden the linguistic horizons of many companies.