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20 Jul: Professional Language Certificate

Some jobs require a specific language level (e.g., administrative, legal secretary, copywriter, etc.), and in these cases, ELAM’s Professional Language Certificate is indispensable. Talent acquisition managers are not always able to gage the required language level for a position. Similarly, managers wanting to promote employees to new positions may need to provide proof of their language competency to perform the job adequately.

career booster

06 Apr: Language Learning as a Career Booster

Today, anyone interested in pursuing a career does not require professional expertise. Soft skills such as general communication abilities, networking, cultural awareness, and presentation abilities have become increasingly important in recent years. Additionally, there are core competencies such as digital competencies. In today’s globalized economy, a willingness to pursue an international career is also desirable, and companies encourage participation in appropriate additional training programs such as company language courses.

12 days of donating -DAY 1

01 Dec: 12 Days of Donating 2021!

For the second year in a row ELAM has launched this week, its annual 12 Days of Donating to various community, environmental, and health organizations. Some of these organizations benefit from monthly donations while others are part of our yearly initiative. Our suggestions come from staff and clients, and we all have very valid reasons for choosing our causes.

25 Aug: Five Ways to Improve Your Company’s Language Training

When it comes to developing a multilingual, multicultural workforce, strategy is vital. We’ve put together a quick guide to helping your training department get the most out of foreign language training.
A multilingual team can be a significant asset in today’s global business world. We look at some of the ways you may make the most of language training in your organization as more companies look to diversify their workforce by implementing in-house foreign language training programs.

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28 Jul: Three Reasons Employees Give Up Learning a Language

Learning a language is a long process, and staying motivated on the way to fluency can be difficult. It’s a lot easier to avoid the pitfalls and keep going until you’re satisfied with your foreign language skills if you understand the most common reasons individuals stop studying a language.