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Professional Language Certificate

Professional Language Certificate, an added credential!


Our professional English and French communications programs are intended for learners who wish or need to complete a specific language level for their job. Our signature programs: LAD, LAD Intense, VBOB, or Blended-Lingua, will help achieve the targeted language level.

With our self-diagnostic tool, you can quickly determine the language level requirements of a position:

Once the learners have completed the required hours and feel ready, they can take the ECBE / ECFA (Evaluation Competencies of Business English / Évaluation de compétences du français des affairs). This thorough assessment will determine if they are prepared to move on to the next level or ready to stop their language training if they have achieved their goals.


Ideal to attain a certain level

Many options and lengths of courses

1 to 4-hour sessions per week with a trainer

Certificate issued upon completion of a level

Online training

Professional Language Certificate in 6 Steps


ELAM will contact the employee directly via their work email address.


Students take a placement test to evaluate their language level.


We ensure that all sensitive data collected is GDPR compliant.


Based on the student’s and trainer’s availability, we organize the class schedule.


Participants will receive a course invitation one week prior to the start of the session.


Specific course material is selected for the student to prepare for the level completion.

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Other Corporate Courses

Provide your personnel with 20 hours of an enriched language training, in a relaxed setting with our classic LAD program.

LAD Intense
For your motivated employees, our Languages at a Distance (LAD) course is also offered in an intense package: a total of 40 hours of learning, 4 times a week for one hour at a time.
LAD Express
Accelerate your team's language learning with the LAD Express package: A 10 hour program offered over the course of 5 or 10 weeks.

Get the best of both worlds with our BOB package, which allows your personnel to take both group and private lessons.

Maximize your employees' practical language skills with the Blended Lingua package, a combination of self-instructed learning with private or semi-private lessons.

Why Choose ELAM


Almost three decades of broadening the linguistic horizons of companies worldwide


Having the ability to communicate and concisely convey a message clearly is crucial in the corporate world. For some, the skill comes naturally, whereas, for others, it must be learned. That’s where ELAM comes in.

ELAM's classes have become a most appreciated ritual each week.
Teachers know what the needs are and the way to adapt the courses to the business world.

With our in-depth knowledge of the business world, intuitive insight on customer needs, supported by state-of-the-art digital teaching tools, ELAM enables companies, in any industry, the ability to confidently engage with their clients and stakeholders.

Our customized training, a network of certified teachers, and ability to offer our services worldwide through virtual courses have benefited a multitude of companies in developing the language skills of their employees.