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The Top Power Skills All Employees Need in 2022

Move over soft skills – power skills are all the rage! 

What exactly is a power skill? Power skills are methods of thinking and being that allow us to regulate our mental health and interact with and negotiate social circumstances with others. The data demonstrates how in-demand these skills are. Over the last year, we’ve seen triple-digit growth in areas like office productivity, leadership and management, and personal development. It’s worth mentioning that demand for abilities like diversity and inclusion, strategic thinking, listening skills, and time management has surged in the last four years. While these competencies received particular attention during the pandemic, their four-year growth signals a far broader trend.

Leadership development is a clear goal for every organization regarding power skills. Leadership development is critical for the workforce, from the executive team to middle management to individual contributors. Strong leadership abilities are crucial for managing change, spearheading strategy, inspiring colleagues, and promoting belonging as businesses manage the difficulties of the pandemic.

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Teamwork & Communication

The rise of remote work in 2020 exposed us to the advantages and disadvantages of video conferencing. We’ve all heard of Zoom fatigue, the feeling that occurs when our brains become overworked by staring at ourselves on screens all day. The principles of communication and collaborative abilities are vital whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid settings.

For 2022, the top five most in-demand communication (Language Power Skills) and teamwork skills are:
  1. Clear speech  (this is one of ELAM’s specialties)
  2. Creating a team
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Business writing (this is also our specialty)
  5. Effective listening
Management and Leadership

Leadership and management abilities are beneficial to all employees, not just those with a job title that contains the word “manager.” Businesses that provide leadership training to all employees, regardless of whether they aspire to be managers, are 4.2 times more likely to beat their competitors in revenue growth, operating margin, and return on equity.

For 2022, here are the top five most in-demand leadership and management talents:
  1. Inclusion and diversity
  2. OKR (goal setting)
  3. Thinking in terms of strategy
  4. Resolving issues
  5. Coaching for managers
grey background with a lady sitting in front of it with a table in front of her and a laptop open. She is smilling and looking at the camera.Collaboration and Productivity

With many employees continuing to work from home (about 70% of US white-collar professionals as of May 2021) and the rise of global teams, efficiency and communication is more critical than ever. True collaboration with colleagues — wherever they are in the world — necessitates presenting ideas to work efficiently and successfully. Employees need tools like PowerPoint and Windows operating systems to communicate and share their thoughts.

For 2022, here are the top four skills that will help you be more productive and collaborative:
  1. Computer abilities
  2. Time management
  3. Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsoft’s operating
  4. SharePoint / PowerPoint

Language acquisition and fine-tuning are Power Skills needed to perform in today’s working environments. Courses focusing on Business Writing, Language of Virtual Conferences, and Presentation Skills are ELAM’s specialty. We have been giving specialized language training for the past 28 years. Contact us for more information on our Language Power Skills courses.

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