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Why Language Learning Podcasts? 

why language learning podcastsNowadays podcasts have become a very popular way of learning a variety of skills. From cooking to fiction storytelling the Internet has it all! The real question is: Do podcasts help language acquisition?  As we all know COVID-19 has shifted the way we learn to strictly online language classes and apps. Online courses and distance language learning classes are all great ways of learning a new language but what about podcasts? Language learning podcasts are the BEST for improving listening skills, pronunciation practice and vocabulary building because it differs from the traditional study methods! In fact, it has been proven that listening to a native speaker talking their language makes learning a language 46% easier! Whether it is reinforcing your existing language skills, using them to pick up new grammar and vocabulary, or just wanting to learn a new language the podcast possibilities are endless!  question The next question is: How do I select a language podcast for my needs? For most of the commonly learned languages, you will have plenty of podcast options, so it is important to choose the right one. The first thing to consider is to pay attention to the content. Podcasts may target beginner, intermediate or advanced students. Selecting a podcast that is the right level for you will help ensure the podcast helps you grow without overwhelming you. The second step is to consider what topics are covered. Some podcasts focus more on cultural lessons and others delve more deeply into grammar rules. You chose what you want to learn about. Next is to consider how often new podcasts are posted. If you are hoping for material that replenishes frequently, make sure new podcasts have been posted in the last few weeks. When selecting a podcast, you will want to consider the length of each podcast. Podcast episodes vary from a couple of minutes to about 30 minutes. It’s important to select a podcast that fits well into the time you have available. You can also combine them with other activities like listening and walking your dog, driving to work, or while jogging!  best language podcasts The last one is to check for podcast reviews from other language experts that will help you locate the best of the best when it comes to pod resources. So, whether you want to learn English, Spanish or Cantonese there is a podcast out there for you! ELAM has put in place the perfect group for its enrolled students on LinkedIn that finds the best podcasts! 

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