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2022 Language Learning Trends

peoples torso and legs standing against a wall all holding and looking at their phoneThe way we learn languages has evolved tenfold in the recent past. Long gone are the tediously repetitive  Berlitz audio cassettes used in language labs! Thankfully technology has made leaps and bounds, and here is a list of trends for 2022 to prove it!

Online Learning

It should come as no surprise that online learning will continue to be a hot topic in 2022. In fact, from now until 2024, the market for online language learning is expected to rise at an annual rate of 18 percent.

One of the key reasons for online learning’s appeal, particularly among busy business people, is its flexibility. Many trainers are now tech-savvy with online teaching and have honed their skills to meet this emerging way.


Blended learning, like online learning, is still a hot topic, and its popularity is expected to rise in the following years. Blended learning is defined as a combination of virtual training and online self-directed learning.

We’ve been offering blended learning at ELAM for over a decade. Learners in our Blended-Lingua program have even more flexibility because they can pick when they want to do the self-directed component of the instruction. The trainer’s function in weekly classes is to go over what was done online.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Currently, augmented and virtual reality technology is prohibitively expensive for schools. Still, as costs fall (as they do with every new technology), more districts will see the “wow” effect they can offer to the classroom. For example, trainers can construct virtual field trips that thoroughly immerse students in the learning experience using Google Expeditions AR. On the Expeditions app, there are currently over 900 VR Expeditions available. Consider taking learners on a “tour” to see well-known landmarks in target-language nations.

An app on a mobile device is the most frequent way to experience augmented reality. Instead of vying for your students’ attention with phones, you can now use them to your benefit! There are dozens of apps that use augmented reality for educational purposes that are free or cheap cost.

A hand holding  a phone taking a photo with the background of a city

Artificial Intelligence

AI research and development continued at a high pace during the pandemic. Natural language processing research has advanced so quickly, according to Stanford University’s “Artificial Intelligence Index Report 2021,” that “technical breakthroughs have started to exceed the benchmarks to test for them.”

In higher education, management systems, proctoring, student information systems, library services, and disability support are all examples of AI. AT ELAM AI helps us monitor learners’ engagement during their classes, like student-talking-time vs. teacher-talking-time and whiteboard usage.

Top Languages to Learn in 2022

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin is mainly known as the official Chinese language and is extensively spoken throughout the world. This language is spoken as a first language by around 14.4% of the world’s population or 955 million people.


Arabic is widely utilized by some of Africa’s and the Middle East’s fastest-growing and most dynamic economies. It is ranked as the world’s fifth-most promising spoken language.


In Brazil, Portugal, and some parts of Africa, some 215 million people speak Portuguese. This language is ranked as the eighth most promising language for the future. Science, trade, diplomacy, and education are all possibilities. Because Brazilians have limited English skills, they must rely on Portuguese to do business.


With 405 million speakers, Spanish is the second most common language behind Mandarin. Learning this language can open openings in Latin America, Spain, and possibly the United States.


German is said to have between 80 and 100 million native speakers. Because Germany is the largest economy in the European Union, mastering this language appears to be critical for business development.

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