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Emerging Languages Series:
Learning German for Your Job

Increasing numbers of businesses and organizations have a global perspective. They require employees who not only speak foreign languages, such as German but also have experience with other mentalities and work practices, such as those gained during a stay in Germany. Such personnel can provide businesses with a crucial competitive advantage.

Indeed, job advertisements rarely specify a period spent abroad, but a knowledge of German and a stay in Germany can significantly enhance your resume and advance your career.

German is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world. Still, Germany also has the most powerful economy in the European Union, making it one of the most in-demand languages for international business. German can increase your salary by approximately 4 percent! And in the United States, German-speaking jobs pay the highest median wage.

Here is some information on the demand for German speakers to help answer some of your questions; German job seekers are uncertain about moving abroad.

Top three occupations for German speakers
1. Marketing

Due to the significance of Germany’s influential economy, international businesses are eager to enter its market. This is challenging if you do not speak the language. For your efforts to be truly effective, it is also beneficial to know the culture in addition to the language. German speakers can assist with content marketing, public relations, email marketing, and copywriting.

Fascinating fact: If you are not a native German speaker but have chosen to learn the language to advance your career, your chances of obtaining a job based on your language skills will increase after a few years of living in Germany.

2. Recruitment

Due to Germany’s excellent work-life balance and robust economy, many Germans see no reason to relocate. German-speaking recruiters can facilitate communication with German job seekers who have concerns about working abroad. Jobseekers will value the assistance of speaking with a representative who speaks their language, as it will aid in addressing any concerns or questions they may have. A German-speaking recruiter will also be able to comprehend any stumbling blocks or confusions German-speaking candidates may have, which could assist in dispelling doubts and thereby increase motivation.



3. Sales

There are a few reasons why German-speaking applicants for sales positions would be advantageous. Companies seeking to expand their global market, particularly the German market, will benefit significantly from having German speakers on their staff.

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