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Teachers at the Heart of Our Organization

Fifty-five years ago, UNESCO established guidelines for teachers’ rights and responsibilities regarding basic training, continuing education, recruiting, employment, and working conditions. Since 1994, this day has been commemorated annually on October 5th as World Teacher’s Day!  At ELAM, teachers, or as we refer to them,  language trainers, are the heart of our organization. Throughout the year, we do our best to commemorate them by listening to their needs, giving them language courses, development workshops, train-the-trainer sessions, fun classes like Neapolitan Pizza-Making, and Bollywood fitness, to name a few.

You can’t run an award-winning language school without a team of dedicated language trainers. We surround ourselves with like-minded, qualified, and experienced trainers to be able to offer the best language training to our corporate clients. We pride ourselves on being the language school to work with. Here’s what trainers are saying about ELAM on Indeed!

In 2021, we launched our brand-new trainer portal to facilitate administrative aspects such as learner attendance, learner information, training history, lesson plans, and progress reports. The goal was to make our language trainers’ lives more focused on teaching and less on administrative tasks!

Since March 2020, sharing and being part of a virtual community has never played a more important role than before. Our social media is a vital space for sharing knowledge, workshops, activities, ideas, and resources on various groups such as:





The goal of  World Teachers’ Day is to recognize, evaluate, and improve the situation of educators all over the world. This day is also viewed as a chance to think about and address concerns concerning teachers and education. Here are our suggestions to show signs of appreciation to your language trainer, your child’s teacher, or anyone in the education field:

  1. Just say, “Thank you for giving me the gift of language!”
  2. Send some company swag.
  3. Please give them a virtual shout-out!

Celebrate World Teachers’ Day!

World Teachers' Day

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