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Doing it From a Distance 

doing it from a distanceThis session is all about doing the training, the practicing, the reviewing, and the learning online! At ELAM we are proud that we were able to convert all our signature programs to online versions. We are especially excited about our new online learning management platform. After careful consideration, we choose one that was especially created for language students and trainers in mind.  “You’re muted”  Was one of the most widely used phrases of 2020! How quickly our non-techy students switched over and even embraced the technology and online courses. Some even went to so far as to say they never want to go back to in-house training!  you are muted ELAM’s LinkedIn Groups  We have always been mindful of finding supplementary, fun, and motivating activities for our students. That is why we created on LinkedIn three groups just for our students. 
  • Best Language Learning Apps: for great suggestions like games, vocabulary building and pronunciation practice. 
  • Best Language Learning Podcasts: for listening practice at a slow pace or for podcasts on business topics. 
  • Best Language Learning Accounts on Instagram: for tips from inspirational and educational accounts. 
instagram accounts Making lemonade out of lemons is exactly what we have done this past year! We have adapted to circumstances that are not ideal. Thanks to our dedicated staff and teachers’ efforts to support our students we have risen above it and soared! Thanks to our online community we have grown and we are teaching French in Hong Kong, Spanish in London, and English in Spain.  For more information about learning a language online from the comfort of your own home, please contact us: 

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