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TEFAQ Preparation Guide

Do you have employees who have chosen Quebec as their province to immigrate to? Did you know that the Quebec government obliges them to take a French skills exam? It is the TEFAQ or Test d’évaluation du français adapté pour le Québec which is a language test that is in fact part of the immigration process required by the Ministère de l’Immigration de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) of Quebec which  requires proof of French language skills.   This test is divided into four categories: 
  • Listening comprehension: 40 min – 60 questions 
  • Oral expression: 15 min – 2 topics 
  • Written comprehension: 60 min – 50 questions 
  • Written expression: 60 min – 2 topics to be treated 


How Do I Prep For my TEFAQ Exam?  Since French is the official language of Québec, communicating in French is essential to participate in Québec society. Whether it is to integrate into the labor market or collective life. But what immigrants don’t realize when moving here is that French is actually quite a complex language. Hence the importance of the TEFAQ exam. The real question is, how do I prepare for this exam? Here at ELAM, we provide TEFAQ Preparation classes ranging from private to semi-private classes. Our program is designed for people who need to take the TEFAQ and its core objective is to work on improving the specific speaking and listening comprehension skills needed to pass the test. Your TEFAQ ELAM teacher will structure the classes around your weak points and target exercises and simulations to prepare you before the exam on time. The material used will be specifically for TEFAQ preparation. If ELAM classes are not in your budget then there are many resources available. For instance, the Banque de Dépannage Linguistique offers explanations, with examples, of everyday language difficulties. Also useful is Le grand dictionnaire terminologique . This tool presents: 
  • French equivalents of many English terms 
  • definitions 
  • equivalents in other languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, etc.) 
Le grand dictionnaire terminologique is constantly evolving with the addition of new terms and new definitions. 

TEFAQ preparation guide

Another useful site: Online French Exercises   This tool is intended for anyone learning French. It contains more than 900 exercises for all language knowledge levels: 
  • Conjugation 
  • Grammar 
  • Reading 
  • Pronunciation 
  • Vocabulary 
We strongly recommend subscribing to the Preparation TEFAQ Youtube page which gives you 5 tips to ace the exam. Another useful Youtube video to check out is How to pass the TEFaQ which will lead you to FRENCH WITH MARION a website dedicated to helping you learn french which also includes an entire document on how to prepare for the TEFAQ exam. Bonne chance!  We hope these resources serve you well and we wish your employees a bright and amazing future in Quebec! 

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