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ELAM is the proven solution

for corporate language training and
professional assessment services.

  • Improving linguistic skills for the business world since 1994.
  • Optimize your team’s language abilities with our online courses.

Why Trust ELAM’s Language Program?

It Starts With Your Team

Are industry-specific words valuable for your organization to facilitate communication with customers or among colleagues? Various skills such as writing reports, negotiations, or presentations can be enhanced with one of ELAM's adapted courses.

Learning That Fits Their Schedule

Whether you prefer to offer your employees virtual, on-site, or hybrid language training, we can adapt to your company's needs by providing various course options to choose from.

Best in Class Training

Offer your team the highest-quality learning experience with over 100 certified language trainers from across the globe, relevant learning material, and a tailored language management system.

Our Services

Corporate Language Courses

Customizable and flexible language courses that enhance your employees’ communication skills, empowering them to exchange confidently and work more efficiently. Achieve corporate success by developing their full potential!

Language Assessment Services

Complement your hiring process, identify or evaluate your team members' overall linguistic proficiency levels with ELAM's personalized and impartial language assessment services. Fast, reliable, and objective results tailored for any field of business.

Raise Your Company's Communication Skills

Corporate Potential

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Satisfied Clients
Certified Teachers

Take Their Word for It

Diane Nyisztor
Cogeco inc
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

 We have worked with ELAM for the past several years. I am confident in recommending them as they have always been professional, accommodating and our employees’ comments for both course content and the professors have been excellent. Working with ELAM is easy; they take care of everything!

Do You Have Questions?
We Have the Answers!

Just as words have power, so does knowledge. We aim to provide you with the most frequently asked questions within the language industry.

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