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This week, ELAM launched its annual 12 Days of Donating to various community, environmental, and health organizations for the third year. Some of these organizations benefit from monthly donations, while others are supported by our annual campaign. Staff and clients make suggestions, and we all have very good reasons for choosing our causes. 


Day 1:  Megan fashion week for stomach cancer @meganfashionweek . @megan_nespliak was a 22-year-old Albertan fashion influencer diagnosed with aggressive stomach cancer early last year. Before she passed, she started her crowdfunding campaign to gather funds for stomach cancer research at the Canadian Cancer Society. Our Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Emmanuelle Di Palma, chose this charity because it is dear to her heart. 

Day 2:  Jeremy, our training manager, chose @gris_montreal because he believes that they’re doing an incredibly important job. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, LGBTQ+ youth face approximately 14 times the risk of suicide and substance abuse than heterosexual peers. GRIS’ mission is to demystify sexual orientation and gender identity for young people and to normalize its diversity in our society. This education and awareness provide support and understanding that helps people live up to their potential, live happily, and saves lives. Keep up the great work, @gris_montreal ! 

Day 3: On day 3 it was our General Manager Melissa’s turn and she chose La Maison Jonathan@lamaisondejonathan is a wonderful organization that accompanies young people in their self-development. La Maison Jonathan, which has received numerous awards for its involvement in youth development, works directly with young people in schools, welcomes some young people in difficulty in the Maison Jonathan, and works with parents of teenagers in addition to helping young people succeed in school, and finally, creates workshops for the prevention of addictions.


Day 4: Here is Paule’s (The ELAM founder) charity of choice Plastic Oceans!  Plastics are now so widely used by people, from packaging to products, that we are completely dependent on them. Our addiction to plastic can easily be broken by reducing our usage of them. @plasticoceans is a non-profit organization whose goal is to end plastic pollution and foster sustainable communities worldwide. They operate with the belief that we can and must act locally to create change globally. They do so through four key pillars of activity: Education, Activism, Advocacy, and Science. 

Day 5: Our client AGA Benefit Solutions (AGA assurances collectives) chose Leucan as their charity! For 40 years, Leucan has been committed to helping cancer-stricken children and their families. In addition to its support to clinical research, the Association provides specific and personalized services to its families: emotional assistance and support, financial assistance, referral services, massage therapy, hosting and support in hospital’s playrooms, sociorecreational activities, an awareness, and assistance program in school, end-of-life, and bereavement follow-up, as well as the Leucan Information Centre. Keep up the great work, @leucan!

Day 6:  Greater Montreal is home to more than half of all people who live in poverty in Quebec, totaling 615,000 people. Poverty rates are higher for children, single-parent families, single individuals, recent immigrants, members of visible minorities, and a growing number of workers. On day 6, we asked our client Pratt and Whitney Canada won and they chose: @centraidemtl ! Centraide’s mission is to make the most important social issues, such as poverty and exclusion, unignorable and provide everyone with the means to build inclusive communities and improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable. 


Day 7: Here is Carey’s (Our language training coordinator) charity of choice!  @the.humanity.project is an organization close to my heart. They work tirelessly day in and day out, 24 hours a day to support Moncton’s homeless and working-poor populations. 
At one point, they lost their building and could not yet afford to purchase something new, so they set up shop in various parking lots around the city where businesses would permit to make sure that no one had to go without a meal, other necessities and being treated with dignity and respect. I figure an organization that goes that far to help those in need in my own backyard deserves a little extra help this holiday season.”  Thank you The Humanity Project for all that you do for your community!

Day 8: Here is Monica’s (Our language training coordinator) charity of choice!  “I picked @pignonbleu , first of all, because they’re in Quebec City.  I also chose them because not only does Pignon Bleu provide food for those in need, but they also offer educational activities, training courses, and job placement assistance for those who are unemployed due to a lack of experience, training, French language skills or professional skills.” 



Day 9: Here is Allison’s (Our account manager) charity of choice! “Founder Cynthia and her devoted team at @rescuedogsfromlebanoncanada FAMILY are such an inspiration. They have been working together since 2017 to save dogs in Lebanon that have been abandoned, abused, neglected, or found as strays.  They’ve done this by connecting with Canadian adopters to provide the dogs loving forever homes here in Canada. They’ve facilitated hundreds of successful overseas adoptions. They also fundraise to help cover surgeries in Lebanon for dogs that are in desperate need of medical care. And they pay monthly boarding/food costs for many dogs in Lebanon. They work with transparency and the highest moral and ethical values and a ton of HEART! Thank you Rescue Dogs From Lebanon Canada Family for all you do!” 

Day 10: Here is Paule’s (The ELAM founder) charity of choice! 
La Maison du Partage d’Youville has been in our hearts for over 15 years! From offering language training to people living in St. Henri who need to refine their skills to get into the job market to offering monthly donations, we value their initiatives and will continue to contribute into 2023!” 



Day 11:  CAE’s HR team chose: @moissonmontreal ! Moisson Montreal is a charitable organization. We collect food donations and essential products throughout the year and distribute them free of charge to community organizations on the island of Montreal. Thanks to your support, we are the food bank that distributes the most food in Canada. 

Day 12:  Sobeys Inc. chose Food Banks Canada @foodbankscanada from their multiple charities. With the cost of food, rent, gas, and other essentials at a 30-year high, families across Canada are struggling. Food banks are being stretched to their limits — just as families need them more than ever. This holiday season, please help us support food banks nationwide — so they can support the families that rely on them. Food Banks Canada is a charitable organization representing the food bank community across Canada. Founded in 1987, Food Banks Canada’s network is made up of 10 Provincial Associations and over 500 local food banks.