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Can Instagram, FB and TikTok Help Me Learn a Language?

Web-based media is staying put, so why not bridge its force? Instagram is a well-known picture-based web-based media application that has more than 800 million clients with 80% of those clients living outside the United States. So it comes as no surprise that individuals are utilizing the web to communicate with others around the world even when speaking a different language.  PSFK reports, “Several Instagram users dedicated to teaching their native language (or a different one they have learned) have garnered a substantial following. The accounts take advantage of Instagram’s translate feature and use the social media network’s visual responsiveness as a tool to interact with and teach non-speakers basic vocabulary.”  instagram FB TikTok With all these different ways of communicating in different languages, more and more people are starting to learn languages via social media.  Social Media Language Learning, or SMLL, is a learning approach that focuses on connecting interactive social media channels with language learners. Studies indicate that language learning is both inherently social and interactive, so this method facilitates learning. Here a few examples of how to learn a new language via social media.  Instagram: Instagram has been growing in popularity for almost a decade now, which has also widened the language learning influencer community! Here are the top 3 language-learning Instagram account we recommend following for 
  1. @thefrenchformula 
  2. @spanishpod_101 
  3. @wwwenglishclass101com  
To get more suggestions, join ELAM’s Best Language Learning Instagram Accountson Linkedin (a dedicated group for our learners!).  best accounts Facebook: For many of us Facebook is the social media hotspot. Finding language learning groups are actually quite easy on FB and this is how.  Use the Facebook search bar to look for language learning groups, and you’ll find several to choose from in nearly every language. One language study group, We Do Languages, is a starting point for many people. They have many learners intent on mastering several languages!  TikTok: TikTok is THE trending app of 2020 and 2021 which comes as no surprise that that language teaching experts and polyglots have taken over his platform. TikTok has an education section where teachers can share their best tips and tricks! Here are some good ones to check out: 
  1. @k8sabz 
  2. @danniesbrain  
  3. @wordswithnola