Nov 5 2018

Happy Birthday to Us!

It was a fine December day in 1993 that ELAM saw the light. We were a group of English teachers who had just found out the language department in a large Canadian company was about to be abolished.  We were English language teachers in Montreal, so natuarlly we called ourselves: Montreal English Language Teachers. Unfortunately, that name proved to be a questionable choice. The acronym M.E.L.T. did not really conjur a positive training experience and we weren’t really thinking of the future.  At that time, we were just thinking locally and offering English training. Little did we know that 25 years later we would be offering all languages throughout the world!

ELAM came from the French translation of MELT, but we try to avoid answering the question we get sometimes: ”What does ELAM stand for?” We say it stands for whatever you want it to stand for!

More importantly, it stands for a group of teachers who are passionate about…

  • language learning,
  • using the latest language learning technology and material,
  • discovering the best practices for language teaching,
  • making their students feel comfortable and competent in their learned language.

Happy Birthday to our amazing ELAM!