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Business Language Assessment

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Available in:

English French Spanish Portuguese Mandarin Russian German Polish Arabic

Our French and English Language Assessment Tests allow you to quickly assess you employees’ language skills, whatever their field. Our tests have been specifically designed for business people.

Who is this course for?

  • Employers wishing to assess the language capabilities of their employees
  • Employees needing to prove their language capabilities for employment

Course objectives

  • To quickly evaluate language skills when working in a variety of business situations
  • Provide you with a detailed written language assessment report within 48 hours

Workshops Available

  • Comprehensive oral and written assessments
  • Assessment tests tailored to different job positions


Our assessment tests can be customized to meet your requirements. We create a test based on your needs.

The options

ECBE/ECFA (Evaluation of Competency in Business English/French)

Schedule and duration

  • Oral component – 15 minutes
  • Written component – 20 to 45 minutes


  • Online - written test
  • By telephone or Skype - oral test
  • Assessment at your office - written and oral
  • Assessment at our office - written and oral

Services included

  • A written report within 48 hours
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